Shoes for real women

Fashion and style are inside you. It’s a matter of personality and character.
Nothing is written, everything is constantly evolving and you decide your own pace: how, when and where.


Made in Spain.
Prepared for the world

Patricia, Miguel, Mari, Antonio, Fernando, Mercedes, Jesus and 60 more people are involved in the creation of each pair of shoes. After more than 25 years dedicated to fashion, we do know what you want and how you want it.

Stories written by hand

Every detail, every stitch, every backstitch tell a different story, prepared with dedication and care. Now is the time to write, step by step, your own story.

Excellence: our mission

What for others is an exception for us is the norm. We do not understand anything except excellence in the development of our shoes: production processes, material selection, leathers and finishes. Simply Angari.

Want to be an Angari POS?

If you want to sell our products in your store, call us, we love to make new friends


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